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January 1, 2018 • SAN ISSUE 11 - Winter/Зима 2018

The Second Book Fair in Toronto 

Article by SAN
Interview, Serbian Community
October 1, 2017 • SAN ISSUE 10 - Fall/Јесен 2017

Four Decades of Nurturing Serbian Language and Culture in Canada

The cultural scene in Toronto, Ontario—and indeed of the whole of North America—would be unimaginable without the diligent work of one of the most animated and industrious devotees: the long-time president of the Association of Writers and Poets “Desanka Maksimović” from Toronto, Kaća Kostić. She has mentored tens of quality poets and prose writers, and gathered many artists around her association. Her feeling for people, patience, and above all knowledge of all things literary, journalistic, and publishing, remains an eternal stamp on our immigrant community in Canada.


Article by Snežana Ivković
Serbian Community, Sports and Hobbies
October 1, 2017 • SAN ISSUE 10 - Fall/Јесен 2017

The origin of Preferans cannot be conclusively determined. In spite of the French roots of the game’s terminology and the game’s name itself, which comes from 1802, it is more likely that Preferans originated among the Russian nobility of the mid-nineteenth century. According to some sources, it was Kosta Cukić who brought Preferans to Serbia in 1848.

Article by Dragan Knežević
Serbian Community, Visit Serbia
July 1, 2017 • SAN ISSUE 9 - Summer 2017

From Vrlika to Ervenik, in the region of Northern Dalmatia and the Dalmatian Hinterlands, six monastaries of the Serbian Orthodox Church span a distance of 100 kilometres.

The Monasteries of the Eparchy of Dalmatia


Article by Dijana Matijević
Canada, New Destinations, Serbian Community
April 1, 2017 • SAN ISSUE 8 - Spring 2017

Calgary is known for its long and cold winters which Calgarians await and stoically endure, and then reward themselves with a rich, festival-filled summer. From May to September, Calgary glows in multicolour while natives, newcomers, tourists, and accidental visitors exchange their cultures in the greatest way possible: through song and dance and a good bite to eat.

Article by Tamara Jorgić
Serbian Community
April 1, 2017

“People who are selfish, difficult and different, love them anyway;
If you do good, people will think you are on an ego trip, do good anyway;
If you are successful, you may make enemies, succeed anyway;
The good you do will be minor and soon forgotten, do good anyway;
Honesty and fairness make you seem naive, be honest and fair anyway;
What you spend years building could be destroyed overnight, build anyway;
People really need help, but they may not appreciate your help, help them anyway;
Give the best you can and you may get little appreciation, give the world the best you can, anyway.”

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia

Article by Vesna Nedic i Marija Matić
Diary of a Serbophile, Serbian Community, Visit Serbia
April 1, 2017 • SAN ISSUE 8 - Spring 2017

French-Canadian who married a girl from  Belgrade, has travelled extensively throughout Serbia, makes domaća kafa in his džezva every morning, boasts an impressive cache of village rakija, and sings starogradske pesme in the shower. He’s nuts alright, but most experts believe he’s harmless and might even be beneficial… if taken in small doses.

Article by Sale Dugokosi
Serbian Community, Sports and Hobbies, Young Journalists
April 1, 2017 • SAN ISSUE 8 - Spring 2017

Andrea Mitrović, a young woman from Mississauga, is the best volleyball player in Canada in the under-19 category, and the most talented of all the female volleyball players who will continue their sports careers in universities across the United States and Canada. This is confirmed by the ranking published on the official website for university recruitment of male and female volleyball players,


Article by Ivana Đorđević
Arts & Culture, Serbian Community
April 1, 2017 • SAN ISSUE 8 - Spring 2017

Serbian cultural organization Oplenac was founded in Canada, far away from its homeland, exactly 30 years ago. And so, somewhere at the edge of the earth, out of a primordial need to preserve its own identity, the strong love towards Serbian traditions and centuries-old heritage found its shelter. As soon as you walk through the doors of Oplenac, it looks as if you magically stepped into a Serbian home.

Article by Katarina Savic
Interview, Serbian Community
January 1, 2017 • SAN ISSUE 7 - Winter 2017

Aleks Mihailović is a Canadian reporter and journalist. He was born and raised in Toronto. He completed a degree in political sciences at the University of Western Ontario, and received a diploma for radio-television broadcasting from Seneca College. Aleks gained his rich journalistic experience by working at RT America, Sun News Network, Global News Toronto, Global TV, CTV Television Network, and CTV Toronto. Before becoming a journalist, Aleks worked for the United Nations in the Balkans.

Article by Ljiljana Vujnovic - Ilic
Serbian Community, Visit Serbia
December 1, 2016 • SAN ISSUE 7 - Winter 2017

Golubac Fortress

Đerdap National Park and the Gorge

Lepenski Vir


Mammoth Park

Article by Marija Matić
Arts & Culture, Interview, Serbian Community
October 1, 2016 • SAN ISSUE 6 - Fall 2016

Have you ever attended a performance put on by the Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing? If not, I heartily recommend it and guarantee that it will captivate you. And if you have, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Article by Tanja Rajevac