About Serbian culture and people in Canada and around the world

About SAN

In the Serbian language, the word SAN means DREAM, and is pronounced the same as the English word SUN. SAN is a magazine of many Serbs whose dream is to live freely, away from war and economic and political unrest. It is the dream to make a new home and a new life in Canada/diaspora, to gain the opportunities to make their dreams come true. It is the dream to remain proud of their origins, and to pass on the love for their people and heritage to the younger generation. The dream of our magazine is to contribute to the promotion and maintenance of the Serbian identity in the diaspora.

SAN's Mission

SAN’s mission is to maintain and embrace Serbian ethnic identity, language, culture, history, art, and traditions outside of Serbia.

SAN’s mission is to write about Canada and the society that we live in, and to assist immigrants of Serbian origin in adjusting to Canadian society.

SAN’s mission is to promote Serbia and Serbian heritage to Canadians.

Through our regular column, Serbs in the world, we uphold our mission of representing  the Serbian people in  the diaspora as well as other successful individuals. This is a column with contributors from various countries, and it also aids in connecting the Serbian diaspora from around the world  with one another as well as the motherland. .

One of the missions of SAN is to contribute to the active inclusion of the second and third generation of young people of Serbian origin in the community and to influence the improvement of their cultural and ethnic identities.

SAN's Story

SAN-CAH (Serbian Canadian Magazine - СеверноАмеричке новине) is a magazine in the Serbian language for people of Serbian origin and for the Serbian community in Canada. SAN’s audience are also people from ex -Yugoslavia.

SAN magazine was launched in November 2014 in Toronto by a group of enthusiasts, intellectuals, writers and former journalists of Serbian origin in Canada. The first issue was published in July 2015 and from that time continued continues to be printed quarterly. As of 2018, the magazine has also been available in online format. Since the spring of 2021, SAN has started a podcast promoting Serbian culture, history and traditions. During this time, we have posted 15 episodes doing just that. In March of 2022, SAN organized a three day virtual conference for Serbs in the diaspora entitled “A Large Virtual Gathering of the Serbian diaspora from around the world,”  all done with the goal of connecting and achieving mutual cooperation.

As of 2015, SAN has become a member of the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada.

The magazine comes out (in print and online) quarterly- January, April, July and October. In addition to the print and digital editions available through our website via subscription, readers can also purchase hard copies of the magazine in Serbian stores in Toronto and the surrounding area. The magazine is also distributed during significant gatherings within the Serbian community. It is also exhibited in the Serbian consulates in Toronto and New York, as well as the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Ottawa.

In Canada, there is a significant number of immigrants who speak the Serbian language. SAN writes about our new country, Canada, and the country we originated from, Serbia.

The magazine comes out quarterly: in January, April, July, and October. The printed publication can be ordered through a yearly subscription, and the digital magazine is available for reading through the subscription on the website. 

SAN writes about Serbian traditions, culture, history, art, and language. There is a special section about the Serbian community in Canada, with reports about the different organizations and groups, and interviews with successful people of Serbian origin in North America. SAN also writes about Canadian society, history, lifestyle, business, career, education, health, and travel.

The wish of the editorial staff is for SAN, in its own modest way—in addition to current articles related to the life of Balkan emigrants in North America—satisfy some of our intellectual and spiritual needs through informative and intriguing points of view on current themes, through articles about society, history, and traditions; through book reviews, plays or films; as well as through interviews with our successful fellow citizens of Serbian origin in North America. SAN would like to contribute to connecting people in the Serbian community in Canada, to the exchange of information, and the preservation of our language and culture. Our idea and ambition is for SAN to contribute to the active inclusion of second and third generations of our children in the Serbian community and influence the improvement of their knowledge of the Serbian language, culture, and traditions. Also, through the columns of Canadian society, employment, careers, and finances, SAN wishes to help newcomers to Canada better and more quickly and easily acclimatize to their new society.

As of 2015, SAN is a member of the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada.

SAN can be purchased through an online subscription and in Serbian stores in Toronto, Mississauga, Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver. The magazine is also distributed at community events. SAN is always looking for new distribution locations.

The San Team

SAN’s editorial team is made up of enthusiasts who volunteer for this sociocultural project of great importance for the Serbian community of Canada and internationally. This project came to life primarily thanks to the selfless work of the team members who work for SAN with no financial compensation.

Besides the regular members of the editorial team, SAN has been filled with the works of over 100 contributors from different parts of Canada, Serbia, the former Yugoslavia, and the United States, Austria and Germany. SAN contributors are of all ages, and retirees make a significant contribution as well. We pay particular attention to our young contributors, who have joined and contributed to the work of the team as second and third generations born in the diaspora.

SAN is not just a magazine—it has become an important social group for the Serbian community in Canada, one in which people have gathered around the idea to preserve Serbian cultural identity and language in the diaspora. It is also unique in that it stimulates and invites its readers to write for SAN and collaborate in various ways. The members of SAN are connected by a great talent and love for writing. They share and have in common the love for the culture and heritage of the Serbian people, and the desire to preserve those values in the diaspora. The vision of the editorial team is for SAN Magazine to remain a testimony of the time in which we live, as well as of the community of Serbian immigrants in Canada.

Even though most of the members of SAN are not journalists by profession, many have gained significant experience in Serbia working in publishing houses, on state television and radio, and as journalists, editors, and copyreaders. A few members of SAN are authors, with published books of poetry and prose.

The founder and Editor-in-Chief: Vesna Nedić

Executive board: Tamara Miličić-Grbić, Karolina Grujić, Ljiljana Vujnović-llić

Managing Editor: Jelena Lutrov

Journalists and Contributors:

(for 2021 and 2023): Vesna Aleksić, Tatjana Arsić, Tino Brelak, Marina Bulatović, Erwin Coombs, Aleksandra Veljović Ćeklić, Anastasija Čupić, Željka Despotović, Ivana M. Đorđević, Boris Đurković, Violeta Dimitrijević, Mirjana Dumnić, Mila Božić- Erkić, Marina Kamhi Frankl, Žolen Georgievska, Ana Ginić, Bojan Grbić, Slobodanka Ilić, Dušica Ivanović, Snežana Ivković, Marija Janković, Boško Jovanović, Ljiljana Kostadinović, Živana Kostić, Katarina Kostić, Nikola Kostić, Desanka Krstić, Aleksandra Levnaić, Katarina Marković, Živka Perić, Dragana Petković, Kaća Savić, Radislava Mila Savković, Zoran Skenderija, Petar Spasić, Ivana Stanisavljević, Selena Stanković, Đorđe Stojković, Dragiša Tošić, Vedrana Vodopivec, Vesna Vojvodić, Zoran Vujanović, Biljana Vujičić, Luka Vukelić, Nemanja Vukojević, Miloš Vuković, Olivera Vujnović

Young Journalists and Contributors: Lara Čurašev, Boris Đurković, Isidora Grbić, Maksim Grujić, Vid Grujić, Gala Halilović, Aleksandar Ilić, Ivana Jeftić, Ema Marković, Nataša Milošević, Filip Mrkić, Teodora Nedić, Milena Pilipović, Luka Savić, Andrea Stević, Ema Stojkov, Suzana Tošić

Correspondent for Alberta: Tamara Jorgić

Correspondent for Quebec: Sacha Vigeant

Correspondent for USA: Dejan Jovanović, Maja Herman Sekulić

Language Editor: Jelena Lutrov

Graphic layout: Jelena Solujić, Ana Laništanin

Newsletter: Marija Janković, Vanja Ivana Đurković

Cartoon: Michelle Mila Trkulja

Translator: Kristina Bijelić, Lara Čurašev, Milka Miličević, Ivana Stanisavljević

Marketing: Željka Despotović, Milica Petković, Ivana Petrović

Social Marketing: Snežana Ivković, Emilija Fajfrić, Vanja Ivana Đurković

Website: Vanja Ivana Đurković

Photography: 123rf.com

San Awards


The Golden Badge and the Charter are traditionally awarded annually by the Cultural and Educational Community in Serbia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region, to prominent individuals of the Serbian community who have made a special contribution to the preservation of Serbian cultural heritage and Serbian national values in various social areas. Mr. Vasilije Petković, Consul General of Republic of Serbia in Toronto, emphasized in his speech: "Tonight's presentation of the award of the Cultural and Educational Community in the field of culture shows for the considerable time that the Serbs, with their activity, behavior, perseverance and stubborn refusal to renounce their origin, are on the right path and for that, a big thank you and respect to the Serbian community in Canada.

One of the winners of the Golden Badge is Vesna Nedić, the founder and editor-in-chief of SAN magazine from Toronto.


Vesna Nedic was awarded for "Best Editorial Concept, Visual and Artistic Presentation" among ethnic magazines!

Snezana Ivkovic was awarded for "Life time services rendered to journalism and information industry" in the category Journalists!  


In the fall of 2016, from The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Representative of Her Majesty The Queen of Canada, SAN received an award for the best editorial concept and visual presentation among ethnic magazines in Ontario.


Join The SAN Team

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the creation of the magazine is welcome to the SAN Team, including contribution to the regular maintenance of the website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

SAN is looking for new collaborators, journalists, correspondents from various parts of the world were Serbs live, web designers and administrators, social media administrators, photographers, illustrators, distributors and marketing specialsits.

If you would like to become part of the SAN Team, contact us at sanmagazinecontact@gmail.com. 

SAN Magazine invites all its readers to send in their comments, articles, interviews in Serbian as well as photograph and illustrations. All letters and written works must be signed with the author’s full name, address, and telephone number. The editorial staff of SAN Magazine reserves the right to edit and shorten articles, as well as to publish the written work in physical or electronic format or to not publish certain material. The author retains his/her copyright. Send your letters or written works to: sanmagazinecontact@gmail.com.

What SAN Can Offer to People Not of Serbian Origin

SAN writes about elements of Serbian heritage that could be interesting for non-Serbs. Reports about the different parts of Serbia and the former Yugoslavia could be very inspiring for Canadians to want to visit one day.

SAN also writes about trending topics in global and Canadian society, history, culture, health, business and career, lifestyle, travel and more, some of which have a special spice—the perspective of people who come from a different country and a different society.

The magazine publishes interviews with successful and interesting people. Readers who do not speak Serbian can find selected articles from past and current issues translated in English, free on the website.

Become A SAN's Partner and Sponsor

Your help is needed to ensure the continuous growth and survival of our magazine. There are different opportunities to sponsor SAN and/or advertise in our magazine and website and expose your business or services to the niche market in the Serbian community and wider. You may visit our advertising page and contact our marketing team to find out which advertising option works best for you and your business. We haven’t changed our prices since our first issue in 2015.

For those who are interested in becoming general sponsors of the SAN Magazine, we will provide board membership and participation in decision-making.

Thank you for your consideration in partnering with SAN!

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